One of the best experiences of my time in Bali!! Would highly recommend doing this cooking class! The morning walk through the market was awesome, tasting and talking and learning fruits and vegetables I've never seen before!! So relaxed, felt very comfortable! Nothing was a problem! Very Hands on course! Not only did we learn some Balinese dishes we learnt a little about the culture as well! Balinese family are very different to mine! Such a great teacher! If I am ever back in ubud I would go and learn some more recipes! Would have to say one of my favorite feeds in Bali! And I cooked it! Can't wait to try the dishes out for my family and friends when I get home! Even left with a certificate! By Carlie1984

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Cooking Class in Balinese compound with our Balinese authentic
food chef Pengaji Village, Payangan

Five-courses cooking lesson taught by our chef followed by lunch, all recipes, an apron, and a certificate

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Balinese Chicken Satay and Many More

skewers of minced chicken with freshly grated coconut and aromatic Balinese spices.

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Discover The Secrets of Balinese Dishes

Experience real Balinese dishes in the sacred village of Payangan. We offer you our traditional way of cooking with firewood. Our open air kitchen is surrounded by nature balinese compound and feel the energy of nature.

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Jukut Urab, a Favorite Menu of Balinese People

This jukut urab offers a good flavor and is easy to prepare. It is called jukut urab because the spices are mixed together with vegetable before serving, not during the cooking.

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