We took this cooking class and it was very fun. Nyoman teaches you how to make a basic sauce that can be used a number of ways (in soups, on meats, as a marinade) and amazingly when used on different recipes, makes the recipes scrumptious and different from one another. We also made a curry, a salad, a dessert, a soup, and satays. Very nice environment to cook and each person has a station. The cooking class is in his home. Afterwards you eat what you cook and he gives you a certificate and a recipe booklet to take home.

We also booked the morning class which included a trip to the local market to see all the fruits, vegetables, meats, spices that were used in the cooking class. The local market is worth the effort to see. By Geri H

I can leave the first reference for K'DongDing. I wanted to find some activity which show me the balinese culture. I decided to take traditional cooking class. It was my very best experience during my stay in Ubud. I learned a lot about balinese culture, cuisine and i had the best balinese recepices. I really enjoyed this day with Dhono. He is a really good chef and intresting person, i really felt myself at home. If you want to know better the balinese culture I recommend you to take K'DongDing cooking class. Have a nice stay in Ubud! By Csilla S

We loved it! Niomang our guide was super friendly and approachable and made the so experience really enjoyable.
First we had a tour around the local market where he explained the ins and outs of the ingredients commonly used and gave us a good insight into the daily lives of the Balinese.
Next we were taken back to his house complex where he lives with his extended family. They have an incredible plot of land where they grow many exotic plants and veg and even their own coffee.
We then sat and chatted in a relaxed atmosphere and met some of the family and animals.
The cooking class itself was also great. Very interesting and fun and the food itself was delicious!
Highly recommended :) By Alessandro C

This was a really great experience. Visiting the market first was a wonderful way to learn about local Balinese fruits and vegetables as well as getting a small taste of local life. The cooking class afterwards was amazing we made ourselves a banquet for lunch all of which was very good thanks to our wonderful teacher - I Dhono - his enthusiasm was infectious and I will definitely cook these recipes again at home. Throughly recommended. By cctechOxford

My husband and I booked this through Bali traditional tours, wow what can we say , we met the amazing Nyoman at the market just 5 minutes from his home and instantly felt like we had known him for years so super jolly and chatty we spent time walking around the market , he showed us all local foods explaining everything to us along the way we learnt so much , then we were welcomed into his home we couldn't believe how amazing it was and how much we were made to feel like part of the family, we walked around met family members, even met their pet monkey they had rescued, we sat and enjoyed their coffee and the began the cooking , there was just us 2 which was fantastic, we chopped and prepared all the ingredients that has been all peeled and measured out for us and began to cook, it was absolutely brilliant we chatted and laughed and learnt along the way Nyoman was the perfect teacher helping us and explaining everything , we plated up and sat round the table and the food was out of this world nicest meal we had had in Bali so far , we met his lovely wife and sons , we didn't want the class to end , he welcomed us back if we were to visit Bali again he was so friendly and genuine .

Couldn't say enough good things about our experience , a must whilst your in Bali for a true balanise authentic cooking experience.

Thanks again Olivia and james . By livduffy24

Today by boyfriend and I enjoyed a private experience with the team at KDongDing. Starting with a friendly pick up from our villa, we went to the local markets where our awesome guide explained all not only about the food but also the cultural significance behind everything. After our intimate market experience we took a short drive to the family compound where the cooking class would take place. This family environment made the class really special, seeing a genuine Balinese home, so many smiling faces:)
The area for the cooking class takes place is very well equipped with modern stoves, the facilities really are top notch! After out welcome drink we were lead through 5 different recipes. Very interactive chopping, cooking, tasting... I was in food heaven! After we finished all the cooking we sat in the beautiful garden and ate our creations! The whole experience was amazing. A real insight into the traditional food and culture of our wonderful Balinese host.
I would commend this to every one! Can not be faulted!!!! By Vadawn

What a special experience! Unlike most (if not all) cooking classes in Bali, with Kdongding you get to cook ALL of the 5 dishes yourself, in your own stove and cooking station. Because of this, you can then easily remake it at home, bc you've done everything! :) All of the menu is traditional Balinese food. You also do an extensive tour of a traditional market.

The classes take place inside Wayan and Nyoman's family complex, which means you also get to learn the structure of a traditional Balinese family complex. The cooking space is impeccably clean, spacious and fresh...and of course, everyone is warm and friendly, and they try to make it as enjoyable as possible! HIGHLY recommended. Member of

One of the best experiences of my time in Bali!! Would highly recommend doing this cooking class! The morning walk through the market was awesome, tasting and talking and learning fruits and vegetables I've never seen before!! So relaxed, felt very comfortable! Nothing was a problem! Very Hands on course! Not only did we learn some Balinese dishes we learnt a little about the culture as well! Balinese family are very different to mine! Such a great teacher! If I am ever back in ubud I would go and learn some more recipes! Would have to say one of my favorite feeds in Bali! And I cooked it! Can't wait to try the dishes out for my family and friends when I get home! Even left with a certificate! By Carlie1984

We attended the local market to see the various ingredients.

Followed by being welcomed into the family compound by Twinky the cutest dog.

The cooking school is well set up. We cooked a great menu with a few additions for food we'd inquired about.

The food was delicious and plentiful (we couldn't eat all of it).

Thanks to our wonderful chefs. By Maranne O

What a great day! Starting with a market tour of a traditional market with all the different types of foods, how they are grown and brought to market. Lessons about how to choose the right vegetables, what to look for in good vs bad. Then it was back to the families (very old and very traditional) compound for more lessons in Balinese culture, customs, foods and lastly preparation techniques. This was great for me coming from the USA to see how the homesite was arranged into different areas and their purposes. Learning not only what to mix and chop but HOW to mix and chop was key! Timing is everything, and they did a fantastic job of keeping us perfectly on task, and getting everything done correctly, and seamlessly. And the food we made was delicious! Everything came out perfect! It was so much more than a good cooking experience! It was a good Balinese experience! By ent_doc_martin

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Cooking Class in Balinese compound with our Balinese authentic
food chef Pengaji Village, Payangan

Five-courses cooking lesson taught by our chef followed by lunch, all recipes, an apron, and a certificate

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Balinese Chicken Satay and Many More

skewers of minced chicken with freshly grated coconut and aromatic Balinese spices.

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Discover The Secrets of Balinese Dishes

Experience real Balinese dishes in the sacred village of Payangan. We offer you our traditional way of cooking with firewood. Our open air kitchen is surrounded by nature balinese compound and feel the energy of nature.

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Jukut Urab, a Favorite Menu of Balinese People

This jukut urab offers a good flavor and is easy to prepare. It is called jukut urab because the spices are mixed together with vegetable before serving, not during the cooking.

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